Thursday, 25 April 2013

Just Like Sugar

I'm reading book by Maria Emmerich entitled 'Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism'. It is a very interesting read and I recommend this book for everyone, even if you don't have any health issues because prevention is even better than trying to fix things once they are broke! (note: book is fairly expensive here in Canada but the Kindle version is under ten bucks!)

One thing she talks about is sugar and artificial sweeteners. You will have to get her book to read about this as there is too much info to summarize, but suffice to say sugar and sugar substitutes like Sucralose (Splenda is not just Sucralose as they 'bulk' it up with maltodextrin and other agents that are NOT good for you); Saccharin (Sweet'N Low) and Aspartame (NutraSweet and Equal) should not be consumed and nutrition or health risks are misleading and the consumer should do their homework to learn more about these.

There are some other sugar extracts and alcohols that are not that bad health-wise but may not have the best properties for substitution for sugar or have some tastes that people don't like. Maria recommends a product called 'Just Like Sugar'. I've done a bit of homework on this and decided to order some to give it a try.

Here are just a few articles Maria has on her blog regarding sweeteners (scroll through posts to find info and recipes too).

You may be thinking, I will just eat 'natural' and eat plain old sugar. WRONG. If you realized how processed plain old sugar is, you would think twice about this notion. Then you think, well what about brown sugar, agave nectar, honey??? These are all sugars and although some are 'less bad', they all have negative health implications. Face it, our generation consumes way too much sugar. It is hidden in so many products in so many forms that you may not even realize how much you are eating in a given day.

So you can try to cut sugar out all together but like bacon, there are some things in life too good to give up 100%. There ARE ALTERNATIVES that are not full of crap and don't taste bad. Here's one recommendation called 'Just Like Sugar'. Below is link to their website if you are interested to read up on it or find out where to purchase it in Canada (you can order online too).

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