Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mac & Cheese

It's been so long since I had Mac & Cheese so thought I would try making my old recipe (good old Betty Crocker) but using rice noodles and Bob's All-Purpose GF flour. I followed recipe just like I did before but needed a bit more of the pasta (using 2 1/4 cups pre-cooked rather than 1 1/2 cups in recipe, they don't bulk up like regular macaroni noodles). I wasn't sure if it would turn out or not, but it TURNED OUT AWESOME! It was very tasty. Probably not all that 'healthy' for you, but is a nice treat to make from time to time.

I used Tinkyada Pasta which is made in Canada. I purchased mine at Safeway.

They have some recipes on their site if you wish to check them out. I've not tried any of them, but the pasta was pretty good. I hate 'mushy' pasta and this is the best texture I've had from rice pasta so far.


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