Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Qualicum Beach Gluten-Free Eateries

Beach House Cafe

located at 2775 West Island Hwy, Qualicum Beach, BC ~ 250.752.9626

We stopped in for a quick bite and were pleasantly surprised to find our hostess had a great deal of knowledge regarding dietary restrictions for the gluten-intollerant dinner as she too is celiac.

Courtyard Cafe and Patio

located at 673 Memorial Ave, Qualicum Beach, BC ~ 250.752.4152

Another pleasant surprise on the weekend while shopping with girlfriends. We stopped in for a snack and a coffee. Very nice host (also fellow celiac) and loads of GF menu options. Plus the coffee was REALLY good and prices reasonable. They also offer take home items (Meryl's Makery @ The Courtyard). Check them out.


  1. You have to be careful with the gluten-free stuff, as they usually contain lots of starchy, blood-sugar-raising ingredients.

    Bisque is a pretty good place to eat, you can usually find an entree or two that are wheat and grain free.

    1. Bisque is one of our favourite places to eat. I am pretty careful and usually opt for meat and veggies for the most part. Occasionally I accidentally get 'glutened' and I know it right away thinking "crap, now I'm gonna pay for this". I figure when that happens, perhaps I should drink too because I'm already going to feel like crap the next day lol.